Brent House




God must rather bushhog than disc

                                                                        I’m thinking

cause always when I’m bushhogging

                                                                        there comes a point of trinity

where the tractor swings a wide

                                                                        triad of cones to cut

to a final swath of Bahia.



And discing is row after row

                                                                        like the Pharisees and Sadducees

so carefully cut beyond thinking

                                                                        rolling a skin of Earth before

sin and the erosion thereof.



Like rain would be dew

                                                                        in Eden but

there’s either too much or not enough.

                                                                        I read

in the Progressive Farmer the other day

                                                                        it rained

seventy-four inches in one day

                                                                        on Cilaos.



Things like that ought not happen

                                                                        I’m thinking

though I honestly can’t say I know

                                                                        much about Cilaos

but here there’s flights of puffweed

                                                                        washing of solums.



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