The Tusculum Review is a community of professional and undergraduate writers. Student editors develop crucial skills in the art of literary publication. We seek and publish thought-provoking writing from a diversity of international voices and experiences — both established and emerging. We promote writers and artists outside and inside of academic and publishing circles. We aim to reach an audience of both casual and literary readers with four genres of absorbing written work that speaks to the way we live now.

Editorial Staff

Kelsey Trom | Editor
Joshua L. Martin | Poetry Editor
Desirae Matherly | Nonfiction Editor
Wayne Thomas | Drama Editor
Kelsey Trom | Fiction Editor
Eli Berney | Student Editor
Tate Haugen | Student Editor
Z.T. Mitchell | Student Editor
Caleb Moody | Student Editor
Kiersten Paxton | Student Editor
Zoey Seay | Student Editor