TTR Associate Editor Jan LaPerle Publishes a Collection of Poems

Knoxville, TN- Sundress Publications is pleased to announce the release of Hush, a collection of strange poems that will stay with you long after the last lines have been read. Jan LaPerle takes the reader on a humorous journey of love and desire that will make you tell her everything but “hush.” Hush was one of two runners-up for the 2011 Sundress chapbook contest.

“Jan LaPerle’s strange tales venture deeper than one might expect. There are plenty of laughs–a woman pregnant with a dishwasher? a man who buys a new head each year?–yet beneath the surface humor is a swift current of love, home, and the need for human connection. Escape is impossible once you’re caught in Hush. But then again, you won’t want to.”
-T.A. Noonan, Contest Judge

Jan LaPerle’s poetry displays a quiet brilliance that develops over the course of the chapbook–a quiet brilliance that runs with the reader only to stop at LaPerle’s last, lyrical word. Beautiful artwork and type-set are provided by Greg Frank—a welcome addition to an already stunning collection.

Hush is available as a free pdf at

Jan LaPerle is originally from a small town in northern New Hampshire, but currently lives in East Tennessee with her husband and poet, Clay Matthews, daughter, Winnie, and dog, Mortimer H. Matthews. She received her MFA from Southern Illinois University. She teaches English at Tusculum College (Tennessee’s oldest college). She has poetry and fiction published in Rattle, Dislocate, Subtropics, 42opus, Boxcar Poetry Review, Tar River Poetry Review, and elsewhere.