Nate Pritts

Without Blinking

Frustrated because of the surge that gets held.
Broken to pieces since not sparked enough.

We’re divine.  We deserve better.

All your signs point to something because
every direction leads to significance.

If you remember to look back, if you remember

to be scared.  If you veer with every beating scrap
of your heart.  Inaction is the current most dangerous

position.  I think I’m surrounded.  One thing

repeated gives a most lovely context.  My eyes
report back that the world is a mess & the tapestry

isn’t visible so the picture’s a wreck.  But I choose

to confront it instead of surrender.  I rage for order
when the waitress asks me, her voice

all expectant, her smile pointed.  Out of two

obvious responses, I choose dumb singing,
a belief in belief.  I almost don’t care what I’m saying

as long as it’s loud & full of some fire.  Full of a mountain.

Not more empty sentences about being empty.
Hello there you happy people.  I insist we are decent

when the machine tries to degrade us

I can’t be ironic since I’m always in earnest.  Some snow
out the window.  I pretend it’s roaring my song

with its thin, crystalline throat.

Cold is a feeling.
Language is a rift.

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Nate Pritts

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