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I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying Bassey Ikpi Harper Perennial, 2019Paperback: 272 pages; $15.99 Bassey Ikpi writes the broken, beautiful truth about living with bipolar II disorder On ESPN’s podcast The Right Time with Bomani Jones, Bassey Ikpi says that I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying was initially pitched as a self-help, positivity

Erin Elizabeth Smith

Sesquicentennial Alice A hundred and fifty years, and it’s hard to believe I’m no longer a girl, aged into bluebonnet dresses and spooned-up hair-dos.  I have become a woman turned upside down in behind-the-scene featurettes, all Redbox demure, gazing with Victorian reticence into the CVS parking lot. How I got here, I never know, following