Charlie Finger | Book Review

Book cover by Izza Thapa Goddess of the HuntShelby EileenAmazon, 2019Kindle: 105 pages; $2.99 The “A” Isn’t Silent Netflix and the New York Times’ bestselling lists are being filled with new stories about LGBTQ+ characters and their struggles. The queer community never imagined accurate, unsexualized content being made for the queer community, but every year,

PJ Green | Book Review

I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying Bassey Ikpi Harper Perennial, 2019Paperback: 272 pages; $15.99 Bassey Ikpi writes the broken, beautiful truth about living with bipolar II disorder On ESPN’s podcast The Right Time with Bomani Jones, Bassey Ikpi says that I’m Telling the Truth, but I’m Lying was initially pitched as a self-help, positivity

2019 Issue Launched

The 2019 issue of The Tusculum Review has been launched, featuring Chapbook Prize winner Tanya Paperny, National Book Award winners Justin Phillip Reed and Nathaniel Mackey, Katherine Mooney Brooks, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Graham Hillard, Gwen Sachs, J.R. Gerow, Tria Blu Wakpa, Rachel Mennies, X.C. Atkins, and more.

Jessica Cogar

WHAT I AM TRYING TO TELL YOU IS Her name could have been anything, anything wet and unburning. Besides, you don’t need a name to make a prayer: like all air, they resist such things. Invocation is tricky. You never who will come when you call. You can end up with things you never asked

Jessica Coger

SUMMER STUDY For summer: swallow the petal and the bee and blow first-rate sour diesel into my mouth. This is what you do in Ohio, you’re gonna fit right in. In Ohio we cherish our hauntings, but it’s okay—you’ll learn to share. Ohio’s most important lesson is to love unconditionally and I’m afraid I need